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U.S. & International offshore
ACH Electronic e-Check, ewallet and e-Wallet Payment processing with Real-time
Authorization now available.  Whether Your Business Is in
the U.S. Or International, Our ACH Processing Gateway Can
Process Most Business Applications.  With Our International
EFT ACH And Credit / Debit Card Processing Service Options,
Your Business Can Process U.S. or Canadian ACH check
processing but your business can be located Worldwide!
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Features Of Our Premier ACH Account Check Processing Gateway

And Details How We Can Help Your Business Capture More Sales Using Our

ACH Account

System Redundancy over Geographical Locations
With redundant server locations, our ACH Gateway has implemented a hot back-up environment.  With the Utilization of Ultra DNS’s domain management systems in place, any system failure that might occur, is limited to less than one minute

Secure On- Line Processing Environment
SSL Encryption, Controlled Network Environment, Database Encryption, Firewall Hardware and Data Management Techniques are only a few of the methods utilized to ensure a secure payment network.

Consumer Authentication

Account Validation

Merchant Defined Fraud Management System

Proprietary Back-Office Software
In 2000 Our Premier ACH Gateway aquired a proprietary back- office ACH processing system from FiNet. With over 20 years in production and development the system provides a powerful and robust system that is capable of processing more than five hundred thousand transactions per hour.  The fully automated system provides early warning risk management, settlement, return and origination processing with minimal operator interaction.  The fully automated process can be managed with one operator and requires less than one hour of operator over site per day.

Real-Time Reporting
With the recent implementation of Our Gateway's Information Management System (IMS) merchants can access origination, settlement and return data 24 hours a day.  Reports are viewable online or may be downloaded as a text file for integration with back office platforms.



Business Not In The U.S.?  No Problem!  Our ACH e-Check
Processing Gateway Can Provide Electronic Payment Options
For Your Customers with U.S. Based Checking Accounts, With
Payment Settlement To Your Bank Account Anywhere In The
World, Regardless Of Where Your Business Is Located. Let's
See If We Can Help Your Business.  Apply Today!

 Virtual Check Process Overview  

( How the process works for POS Retail As well As Via The Internet )

Here Is A
Virtual Check Process Review Of Our Gateway's Unequaled
Features Utilizing System Redundancy Over Geographical
Locations, SSL Secure Online Processing Environments,
Consumer Authentication, Account Validation, Merchant
Defined Fraud Management System, Proprietary Back Office
Control Pannel Making It Easy For The POS Retail OR Internet
Merchant To Manage Their Acount From Their Own Computer With
Real-time Reporting Right At Their Fingertips!

 Why Is Our Gateway’s Fraud Management System Unequaled?


• Merchant Defined Risk Model
• Weighted Scoring System
• Proven Commitment to Stay Ahead of the Consumer Authentication Curve
• More Than 170 Consumer Validation Points
• Transparent Validation Process
• Real-Time Account Status On More Than 150 Million Accounts
• System Architecture Designed for Ease of Integration with Authentication Services
• Proprietary H.I.T.S. Database.
• As an ACH Processor, and not a Check Guarantee or Authentication Company,
  Our ACH Gateway is Able to Integrate and Offer ALL Service Provider Products,
  Not Just Guarantee and Authentication Solutions As Do Other Service Providers.

 The Result Is Far Fewer Returns

 That’s The Power and Flexibility of Our Gateway’s Fraud Management System  

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Below Is A Flow Chart Diagram Of The Real-time Validation Process

This is a flow chart diagram of
the real-time validation process and how POS Retail AND
Internet EFT ACH e-Check Payments Are Processed.

Below Is An Example Of How Easy And Convenient It Is For Merchants To Get Their Early Warning Risk And Background Check Processing Options Set Up 

( Listed below are some examples of how available options assist Merchants to manage possible risk factors )


  This is An Example Of How Easy
And Convenient It Is For Our Merchants To Manage Their Own
Risk Management Options Right From Their Own Account Console
From The Convenience Of Their Computer using; Previous
Payment Authentication, Authentication, Address
Verification, Experian Address Verification, Experian High
Address High Risk, Experian SS Authentication, Experian
Phone Authentication, Star Authentication, Experian Level
Three, Experian Level Three Out Wallet Score And Other
National Fraud Risk Management Databases.  

Our Premier ACH Gateway Has Partnered With Leading Industry Leaders

in the Finance and Authentication Industries

to provide cutting edge services required to maintain a leadership position

Customer satisfaction is the key to your organization's success. Your ability to provide superior customer service in a timely manner is paramount to keeping a satisfied customer base.  Phase 2 Solutions understands customer service. We know what is required to keep customers and have developed highly skilled Customer Service Representatives who are dedicated to exceeding the needs of your valuable customers.

CheckFree is the LEADING provider of financial electronic commerce services, software and related products. Through its operating subsidiaries, CheckFree designs, develops and markets services that enable more than 6.3 million consumers to receive and pay bills over the Internet or electronically through a variety of bill aggregation points, including banks, brokerage fiADS, portals and interactive content sites on the Internet, and personal financial management (PFM) software. CheckFree's range of services and products are focused on enabling customers to receive electronic bills and statements, make electronic payments and collections, automate paper-based recurring financial transactions and conduct secure Internet transactions.

Real-time connection to Certegy's Negative Check Database.

Validates consumer information supplied online the consumer’s credit file and various consumer databases. Has two levels of authentication. First level validates credit header information. Second level includes an interactive session with the consumer real time online.  Session quizzes the consumer on information contained in their credit file.

Experian Level One – Third Party
Validates the accuracy of consumer information real-time online.  Validates the Following:
High Risk Address
Social Security
Partial Social Security Number

Experian Level Three – Third Party
Designed primarily for magazine subscription merchants as well as most other online merchants with high-ticket items. Engages the consumer in a real-time online quiz of their credit file. The consumer is presented with three multiple choice questions regarding their credit file. Some of the questions asked are:
Who is your mortgage with?
What is your previous address?
What is the make of you car?
What is the amount of your monthly house payment?

E-Payments Routing Directory is the routing number directory provided by the Federal Reserve is integrated with our gateway.  Transactions are validated real-time, ensuring the routing number entered is the accurate ACH routing number.  If the routing number entered is not intended for ACH transactions and the financial institution has provided an alternate routing number, the routing number entered by the consumer will be written to the record and the correct routing number will be entered in the routing number field.

Historical Internet Transaction Server is an Online Database comprised of internet ACH transactions that other payment gateways contribute to and is maintained by our Gateway.  Database contains approximately 3,000,000 transactions (1,063,000 Unique) and is projected to exceed 12,000,000 (6,500,000 Unique) by 2003.

Provides the physical address for a given phone number. This service is valuable in fraud detection or verifying a physical location.

STARCheck is designed to provide anytime, on-line access to PPS' national database for inquiry on checks accepted for payment. PPS responds to the inquirer th the current account status, as well as check-level detail on returned items and stop payments, providing advance notification of potential check returns. This unparalleled service, provides inquirers with information never before available to facilitate payment disposition decisions

StarCheck is a leading electronic payments network and an expert in secure, real- time electronic transactions. In addition to being the market leader in processing PIN-secured debit transactions, STAR develops market- expanding innovations such as check  electronifcation to help financial institutions, retailers, and independent sales organizations connect with and better meet their customers' needs. STAR processed approximately 5.5 billion transactions in 2001 via 6,230 participating financial institutions and more than one million participating ATMs and retail locations.

UltraDNS develops and markets highly reliable, scalable and manageable Internet infrastructure solutions that power the world's largest directories and enable next- generation global communications applications to work significantly better and more reliably.  The first UltraDNS infrastructure offering targets the Domain Name System (DNS), the world's largest, most complex and most available distributed network directory system in operation. Traditional DNS systems are unable to meet the demanding reliability, performance, scalability and manageability requirements of e-businesses and their service providers. This results in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost customers, revenue and productivity every year.

Regardless Of Where Your Business Is Located Worldwide, If You Have A U.S. Based Business, Your Business Can Take Instant EFT ACH e-Check, e-Wallet and ewallet Payments At Your POS Retail Business, Or 'Virtual Check' Payments On Your Website From Customers With U.S. Checking Accounts And Get Real time Authorization for music downloads, adult entertainment, ewallets and more.  Easy And As Reliable As Credit & Debit Card Payments.  'End Of Day' Automated Bulk Check Processing, Recurring Billing, Rebilling, Re-billing, BillPay, Bill Pay, BillPayer, Bill Payer, Web BillPay, Web Bill Pay, Web BillPayer And Web Bill Payer Services For Bill Collection Companies, Online Payment Centers, Credit Unions, Municipality And Governmental Agencies, Telephone, Electric, Gas & Power Company Utility & Utilities.

ACH Account Your One Stop Source FOR POS & internet e-Check e-Wallet ewallet EFT ACH Automated Check, Credit Card, Debit Card Payment Processing, Worldwide! Net ® tm sm
Can help you achieve your business success goals!


( ACH Processing is for U.S. Based Customers But Merchant Can Be Located Anywhere Worldwide! )
( No cost to apply ~ For a limited time Setup Fees waived For Some Business Types! )

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Payment Centers, Credit Unions, Utilities, Utility & Power
Company, Municipality, Government Agency Business!


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Everone needs a little paradise in their lives,
especially the hard working business person!  Some of
world's largest fitness center chains trust their processing
needs with our processing gateways as well as Online
Internet e-Commerce, Online Pharmacy, Online Adult
Entertainment and Magazine Merchants as well as POS Retail
Wellness Center Clinics, Resort Spas, Excersize Gyms,
Circuit Gyms, Ladies Fitness Centers, 30 Minute Fitness
Centers and yes, even Tanning and Nail Salons

ACH Account On The Net ® tm sm. Your U.S. & International Offshore EFT ACH Electronic e-Check e-Wallet ewallet Payment Processing Gateway Providing You With The Best ACH & EFT Fraud Protection And Online Internet Software & Gateway Processing For Bill Collections, Re-Billing, Rebilling For Online Payment Centers, 'End Of Day' Automated Bulk Check Processing, Web BillPay, Bill Pay, BillPayer, Bill Payer options for Credit Unions, Telephone Company, Electric Utility Company, Gas Utility Company, Water & Sewer Utility Company, Power Company, Municipality Utilities, Government Agencies, Magazine Subscriptions, Magazine Merchants, Wellness Center Clinics, Resort Spas, Adult Entertainment, Excersize Gyms, Circuit Gyms, Ladies Fitness Centers, 30 Minute Fitness Centers, Tanning & Nail Salons, Churches, Evangelists, Preachers, Religious & Non-Profit Organizations. Also Credit Card Merchant Accounts For Online Pharmacy And Real-Time Online Early Warning Fraud Protection And Transaction Verification On ACH Check Processing Transactions.

Feel like a fish out of water?  Would you rather be a 'Star Fish'
in your business?  Our POS Retail & Internet e-Check e-Wallet and ewallet payment 
processing gateway services will help your business capture every dollar, AND improve your bottom line!  Contact us today to get set up with your own EFT ACH merchant account

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As Much As 20% Or More
Customers PREFER To Pay Directly From Their Checking
Accounts.  Add our Premier EFT ACH e-Check e-Wallet ewallet Processing To Your Processing Options.  Stateside As Well as International Offshore Credit Card / Debit Card Merchant Account
Processing Also Available For Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amex, Diners, Discover, Solo, Euro, JCB.